Daniel Mulally
Bass Clarinet, Piano
Rapid City New Horizons Band

Dan Mulally is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. While growing up there he played clarinet in high school. After high school he joined the Navy and spent time on nuclear attack submarines stationed out of New London, CT. Following his military service he spent time as a television broadcast engineer in Williston, ND.

After moving to Rapid City in 1985 with his wife Tina, Dan earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering from the School of Mines and Technology of Rapid City. To help pay for school, he played piano in various rock and country bands. He also enjoyed providing moral support to his wife in her karaoke business. He is currently employed by AirDat of Lakewood, CO as Vice President of Research and Development. His work involves design of instrumentation for aircraft to measure atmospheric parameters such as temperature, humidity, and turbulence. He works out of his home office in Rapid City.

After 35 years of not picking up the clarinet, Dan is now playing bass clarinet in the New Horizon Band and the Clarinets Caprice clarinet quartet. He also plays alto clarinet in the Clarinet Madness clarinet choir.

Tina and Dan enjoy recording music in their home recording studio. Other hobbies include sailing and amateur radio.

Rapid City New Horizons Band
Rapid City, South Dakota

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